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Sitting at a jobsite, looking at overcast skies and the mountains off in the distance.  Cool breeze, even with the sun shining brightly in a speck of the sky that isn't covered with clouds, it's very nice out.  The thought of going up to the mountains this weekend seems so much more appealing than it did at 2 o'clock this morning as I laid in bed, awake, musing of such.
The low in Payson is 39, the high today, the high will be 60.  That's coat and sweater weather - at least for me. I know my dogs don't hate the cold, but they have to have sweatshirts put on them to help keep them warm.

The trailer itself has 3 different heat sources, though the one I like the most is the electric heat coming out of the roof AC - but - that blaster by the door that uses propane is pretty awesome.  Which reminds me, I was going to get a small portable unit for it and it totally escaped me.

It is amazing the difference in attitudes out at these construction sites once the stifling he…
Biden.  The man looked like a clown with a suit on.  Laughing and mocking Ryan, interrupting him and treating him as if he was some kid in a school yard that had just done something naughty instead of the vice-presidential contender that he is.  I expected the kind of "performance" that Biden put on, I did not expect the obnoxious, rude and haughty behavior that he exhibited.  The host, whatever her name is, did a terrible job.  I mean, horrific job, as in: she had absolutely no control whatsoever.  They need someone with some balls and the ability to shut the candidates down when they are going on too long or starting to interrupt and taking over the conversation.  The stupid laughing that Biden did continuously when Ryan was speaking made Biden look like a complete idiot.  The "debate" degraded from the get-go.

Whatever.  My bonus came through tonight.  It was exactly what I thought it was going to be with the government taking 40% of it.  What, exactly, gives t…