Monday, October 15, 2012

My oldest brother is not telling my mother an exact day of when he's going up to the property to winterize her trailer.  I am not going to rely on his help at this point, it wasn't offered anyway.  I just figured he knows what to do, but now that I have visited enough internet sites, my memory of how to do it has come back to me.

Therefore, I do not think I am going up there this coming weekend to do that.  Instead, I am going to go to a big park not far from my house, join up with other people from the church and hand out bottles of water, lol. Okay, I have my own, refined methods of talking with people about church, God and Christ and after talking to at least 10,000 people in my missionary days, I do believe I can fish out things from a person that otherwise ain't telling no-one anything.  I'm taking Prince with me as a lure as well, lol.  I might even take both of them.  Nahhh, one is enough.  People love to walk up and ask: "Is that a Great Dane?" or "What kind of dog IS that?"  Or "That dog is a horse!" and other lovely facts that are imparted to me without my asking.

Which is fine and don't really mind it, though I think people stopping cars in the middle of the street to take pics of my dogs is a bit much - it opens the door for me to ask questions to them as well : ) I will probably keep it refined to "hey, we are out here handing out bottles of water and yes, I am invited you to come to our church - which by happenstance, happens to be only a block away from here".  If I really feel compelled, I bypass the church stuff and go straight to the Christ stuff. That can be a bit - interesting - to say the least.

That's it.  Starting to get tired, bedtime looms.

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