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The work day starts off with what I already knew: take some material to a contractor at the Intel plant.  But, then I am informed that I will have to make a trip to Tucson for a fusion machine and it's generator.  These 2 machines will take up about 2'3rd's of the truck and by the time you get your chains on, you're limited on space.

The drive down there was interesting in the fact of seeing so many Highway Patrol vehicles sitting off the side of the road, yet not having anyone pulled over.  I was followed by a Mini Cooper the entire trip down to Tucson.  I have no idea what that was about.  I really don't.  It appeared out of the blue and mimicked my every move.  At times it was right on my bumper, other times it backed off a bit. I did not cut that car off, I observe my mirrors quite frequently.  I don't make lane changes until it is safe to do so and then, only after my signal light is on.  Heck, I indicate I am changing a lane with my signal lights even if…
So here it is, the second Presidential debate is today.  Both candidates holed up, though the Obama campaign seems happy to churn out to the press the sticking points they are going to bring up with Romney, while Romney is pretty much keeping quiet (I would think a better strategy, don't tip your hand).  I would expect Obama to put out a better performance this time, but in reality, I hope he doesn't, lol.

After finding out yesterday that our branch is not going to be open on the day after Thanksgiving, I wrote my dad and told him both Caleb and I would be down for Thanksgiving.  He wrote back with elated tones and basically informed me he would be paying for our hotel room while we are down there.  I won't refuse the offer.  My finances are slowly starting to improve now that summer is - almost - over (still getting up into the mid 90's here!) and high electric usage and high water usage will be reduced substantially, thus lowering my expenses quite a lot.

I'm tr…