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The Park

Kiwanis Park, to be precise, located in Tempe, it's a full mile in depth from Baseline road to Guadalupe road.  They intentionally the front part of the park that goes around the lake quite hilly.  It's covered with nice grass and a lot of mature trees.  It's a great park that I hadn't been to in ages.

Until this morning.  I decided to take only one dog: Prince, the black Great Dane. Sophie, the Catahoula, did something serious to her hind end this morning - what I have no idea.  I heard her howling in pain outside shortly after they went out early to do their thing.  I went out to find this dog laying in the rocks, continuing to howl in pain and unable to stand up.

I could only guess that she must have lost her footing while running and twisted a leg and did perhaps some joint damage, tendon damage or muscle damage - or a combination of all three.  I picked her up, brought her inside and laid her down on the carpet.  She stopped the howling and just laid there, lookin…