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While walking around my property today, inspecting my trees and plants (I do that regularly, like almost daily), I noticed a large number of Chinese Elms saplings growing in places where the nearest Chinese Elm is at least 50 feet away.  I noticed another one of my plants also growing next to it. Next to that, a desert tree that I forget the name of but is not growing anywhere on my property. These are "good" plants, not weeds and I pointed them out to Mark in case he might be inclined to remove them.
No, let them grow.  See if they flourish. If they get big enough, I will attempt to transplant them. If not, then Nature has taken it's course.  I will blame this phenomenon on birds eating seeds off of a tree and "transplanting" those seeds elsewhere through a natural process known as defecation, lol.
Sophie's hind leg is getting better - much better.  She is still limping but getting around much easier now.  Sigh of relief. I was "informed" by some…