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I finally got word today - after asking yet again - about whether I can get Friday off.  A go.  I am planning on leaving Thursday after work and either leaving late Friday or more likely early Saturday.
Actually, I have no guarantee that I am going to get off early enough on Thursday to get up there in time to have enough time to deal with any mouse problems, though my mother informed me that there were no sign of them in there and that the mouse traps had not been sprung.

I would rather not, obviously, have to deal with mice and their droppings.

Junior is all over the place.  He's feeding on Lantanna's; Honeysuckles and I believe it's called Rubella.  Purple flowering plant.  Junior is my name for the hummingbird that was born in one of my Sissoo trees earlier this year.  His mother took a hike, he never left.  Well, I mean he always comes back, multiple times a day, looking for nourishment.  He drained out a feeder's full of fluid in a very short period of time. B…