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It was a simple question.
I had contacted CenturyLink to ask them how I might be able to get a discount on my internet service.  I can only get the 7mbps that I am currently getting, I cannot get faster in my neighborhood.  I guess I don't really think it's worth $45 per month and have been weighing whether to dump the service altogether and get Cox Cable internet, which is, allegedly, MUCH faster.

So, I was using their online chat.  I clearly stated my question.  It was unambiguous.  The lady?  Either was acting like she didn't understand what I was asking or just didn't want to deal with someone that is an existing customer asking for a lower rate. Whatever the case, she dumped me onto a manager without my asking for one.  He stated over and over: "You were asking about new customer, promotional rates and why you don't get them?"c Yes, I repeated but he wouldn't go any further than that with it and then, disconnected the chat.

This irritated me.  …
Let the rhetoric fly.  Thank God Almighty this current Presidential campaign is almost over.  Allegedly, Trump has some "big" information that he has going to allegedly release today that "may" change the election.  I would just like to ask who, exactly, at this late point in the game, is still actually undecided? Are there actually people out there that are going to show up at the polls and finally will have to make their decision IN the polling booth?  If there are, I can't believe there are that many of them.

I found quite amusing Chris Matthews statement that - just as the first election - basically - if you aren't an Obama supporter, you must be a racist.  This kind of inflammatory statement and idea was projected around during the first Obama election.  The idea that because Obama is black and I am white but didn't want to vote for Obama the first time around or this time around therefore, somehow, makes me a racist is - absurd at best.  Just a bu…