Thursday, October 25, 2012

I was not feeling like driving up to the mountain property after work today - at all.  Tired, I have not slept well this week and it's wearing on me.  I decided after getting off of work - at the normal time BTW, leaving plenty of time to go up there - to go through the "process" in case I decided to go.  The would be stopping at Walmart and getting a space heater (going to be in the mid 40's up there tonight); get disposable dishware and silverware; frozen food (I will figure this out as I go, but the fresh water holding tank is empty and I have no plans of refilling it since I am going to winterize the thing) and other things.

Having done that, I stopped at the gas station and put enough fuel in to get up there and back to Payson, I was hoping perhaps the price of fuel might be cheaper up there as it sometimes is.  I get home, sit down at the computer and basically felt like I was in collapse mode.  Still plodding along, do limited watering, feed the fish, get everything out and ready to go.

It isn't necessarily point of no return stage, but after getting out the shotgun; the small shop vac; packing a bag; etc etc - I decided to go through with it.  The drive didn't actually seem to take that long, even though it was close to 2 hours and it was almost dark when I got up here.  JUST enough light left to be able to see the numbers on the combination lock and open it, get the electrical cord plugged into the electrical pedestal and get set up for shop.

I was pleasantly surprised to find no mouse droppings anyway.  The mouse traps had not been snapped and the bait food was uneaten.  It also smelled very nice in here - I put a Renuzit odor eater gel thing in here when I left last and opened it just a bit.  It's about 80% gone but boy, did it smell really nice in here when I got in here.

So there it is.  No need to vacuum out the entire trailer, just have to put on the bed linens and that's it.  I am going to bed early and hope to sleep somewhat well.  It's going to be quite cool up here tonight, but I am prepared for that and am actually looking forward to it.

I turned on the TV and it was a nice experience to have the Direct TV actually come on instead of having to call them and have them re-whatever the system to make it work.  I was wondering why all of the creep shows and horror flicks until it dawned on me: today is Halloween.  Not a "holiday" I celebrate anymore, so I am not missing out on anything and most of these horror flicks are low-budget garbage that I have no interest in watching.

Onto a different topic.  My son has had a deep, ugly cough for a month now.  He is completely broke.  He wants to get a part time job along with going to college, but he has no energy to do so.
The hospital visit apparently didn't help him all the much and now, I have decided to foot the bill and get him into a doctor's office and have them figure out what's going and how to get rid of it.  I will be asking them to give him a steroid shot the same as they did to me the last time I had an ugly cough that wouldn't go away.  I have had this same problem all of my life, I guess my son might have got that from me.  If he did, it's a pretty ugly thing.  Coughing colds can last up to 3 months.

Yes, you read that correctly 3 MONTHS, not weeks.  I have to do what I can to get him better, hard to go to college and study and all that while being in that state and then even thinking about getting a job is out of the question.

There are other things, but I am not getting into it now.  Too tired.

Question:  Will I get off of work early enough to be able to make the trip up north?
Answer:  I'll find out in about 9-1/2 hours from now.

I don't really have any choice.  I could put it off for another week - maybe - and hope the temps don't dip down below 32 up there - which they probably won't at least according to the forecasts - but I would really like to get it done and not have to worry about.  It being winterizing the trailer up there, that is.

According to forecasts, I don't have to worry about freezing temps until midway through next month and not have to worry about hard freezing temps until apparently in to December.  I'm going to keep track of this this year - perhaps winterizing the trailer doesn't really need to take place until sometime in November which gives me more time to go up and enjoy the trailer with running water (versus not).

Whatever the case, in terms of work, it is my Friday and I will have 3 days off : )

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