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I had to call them out on it.
I have been through too much with church to have to live under something that is on the surface a thing that is going to be a hindering blockage.

I simply wrote the pastor a 2 sentence email: what is going on and why concerning his wife and the "looks" and all of this.

I didn't know what kind of response to expect, if any, just needed to get it off of me.  She called me on the phone, versus the pastor writing me an email back.

Surprise, indeed.  Going into a personal conversation like that on the world wide web? I don't think so.  But a lot of mis-communication was done away with and a lot of emotion for that matter.  This lady has a lot of weight in the church to carry, we'll just put it that way. From the sound of it, far too much and some kind of reprieve needs to intervene in her life to lighten the load.  I have already offered to help in the church, but not to her, I didn't even know she was the final authority over all o…
I came back early from the mountains.  That was because I was rather excited about the idea of helping the church out and being a part of the booth games that were going on last night at the park.  I had received an email asking for help to man one of the booths, I accepted the request.  I went out there last night. Thousands of people, mostly families with their kids in costumes.  Took 15 minutes to find a parking spot - which ended up being a quarter mile away.  The long walk there and saw must have been 70 or 80 tent booths set up - by the city - and occupied with representatives from all sorts of different venues.

The City required that only 501c3/non-profit organizations could participate. It was pretty easy to find the church set up - they had 5 booths in a row and they had lines formed in front of them.  They had games set up and winners of games got anything from candy to stuffed animals.  Pretty typical type of thing.  The pastor's son greeted me when I arrived and said t…