Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I'm at Fry's (grocery store) getting some things.  Want to make a nice salad for dinner, they have boneless, skinless chicken on sale, figured to pick up several packs of it.  My phone rings.  I look down at it and think that I see my manager's name showing up. I answer it.  It definitely is not my manager.  It's Josie and she's still having a lot of problems in life.  She's the widow of my best friend that died last year.

She doesn't waste any time at all:  Can I rent your 5th wheel trailer?  Now THAT took me by surprise.  What's going on?  She starts crying and tells how her daughter is getting upset with her all the time and they aren't getting along and she needs to get out of there.  Now, mind you, this lady is around 70 years old and going through all of this.  She cleans her daughter's house; babysits her kids; cooks dinner, etc etc etc.

I have felt really bad ever since my friend died and watching her go through all of this nonsense with her family treating her like horse shit.  Not just her daughter, either, her son and his wife treated her FAR worse before she ended up at her daughter's.

I've got to give serious consideration to letting her into that trailer, even if there may end up being issues with the city - though that won't happen unless my neighbors find out she's in there and since I have cranked it up with them in the last several months after all the BS they have started with me, they don't look over my fence anymore.  She wasn't kidding, either, about moving over here.  She has been treated badly, disrespected by her own offspring to the point they won't even have her around.  I really do NOT get it.  I do get that it would be difficult to have your own mother living with you - yes indeed.

But I've got to tell you, if my mother ever gets to the point where she can't get around and can't live alone, my door will be open to her.  Or perhaps her door should be open to me, lol, her house is FAR nicer than mine!  Just 45 miles away from work, though.  Yikes. I would definitely set boundaries with  my mother if it ever came to that - space please, give me my space and you'll definitely get yours - and I'm sure there would be some conflict in the beginning, but I am also sure we would manage to work through the issues eventually and get on with what's left of life.

I don't know, but if my friend is in heaven and looking at all of this going on with his wife, I can't imagine.  I just can't imagine how it would feel to see all of that going on and not be able to help her in any way.  I feel very compelled to help her if she really wants to come over here.  I've known this lady since the early 90's.

She isn't broke, either.  She isn't rich, not saying that, but she get's a grand a month from my friend's disability through the military.  I don't know if she is also getting Social Security.  I would have to charge her enough to cover the extra eletricity, water and would have to install a Direct TV receiver in there plus pay - Mark I would hope - to empty out the holding tanks on a regular basis, but I wouldn't take advantage of her either.

Well, the conversation was cut short so, to-be-continued.

Meanwhile, the new receptionist at our work? Quit.  They can't keep anyone in that position. Low pay and a huge workload.  Lynnette is up for the job.  I forwarded her resume to my operations manager this morning, I hope he will give her some serious consideration.  She has ample experience in the type of work that they are looking for the position to fill. I haven't heard back whether he contacted her or not, but, it was at least worth a try.  Good benefits, no weekend work, 8 hours a day.

Well that's it.,

Still cranking here and there on the front yard.  Get it done.  Not in a huge hurry now, the worst of it is over. Still plenty to do for aesthetic's sake, but definitely looking better.

Umm, so done with this one.


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