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I'm at Fry's (grocery store) getting some things.  Want to make a nice salad for dinner, they have boneless, skinless chicken on sale, figured to pick up several packs of it.  My phone rings.  I look down at it and think that I see my manager's name showing up. I answer it.  It definitely is not my manager.  It's Josie and she's still having a lot of problems in life.  She's the widow of my best friend that died last year.

She doesn't waste any time at all:  Can I rent your 5th wheel trailer?  Now THAT took me by surprise.  What's going on?  She starts crying and tells how her daughter is getting upset with her all the time and they aren't getting along and she needs to get out of there.  Now, mind you, this lady is around 70 years old and going through all of this.  She cleans her daughter's house; babysits her kids; cooks dinner, etc etc etc.

I have felt really bad ever since my friend died and watching her go through all of this nonsense wit…