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Truck Driver Shortage

I predicted this some time ago - well it's been a couple of years anyway - and that prediction is coming to see the light of day.  The Federal Government has been increasing regulatory interference on truck drivers for decades.  But the enactment of CSA 2010 was a completely different ball field, a game that veteran drivers haven't seen before, much less participated in and MUCH less wanted ANYTHING to do with.

Truck drivers getting a warning instead of a ticket will, by the company they are driving for and because of the new regulations, be viewed as having received a ticket.  The reason being is that the more warnings or tickets that drivers receive under this new system, the more scrutiny the Feds will put on any given company.  If it gets to "intervention" phase, it could include an entire fleet being shut down by the Federal government.

So, trucking companies or companies that have their own fleets of trucks to deliver the goods they sell are now compelled to ge…