Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sooo, I was out front working on the plants and trees, pulling grass and whatnot when the Mr. Goodcents delivery driver showed up.  Didn't take too terribly long.  I was on a roll and didn't want to stop to make lunch, so I ordered it delivered. Figured I would buy extra for a snack this evening and perhaps even enough to eat tomorrow.

I came back into the house, sat down with my dish of spaghetti and meatballs and got about halfway through it while on the net and at the time: check email and looking at the time I was supposed to be there, the church Harvest Festival that is.  Someone from the church had told me 3 o'clock, but the schedule said 2!  It was 14 minutes before 2 and I wasn't anywhere NEAR ready to go.

Ummm, I put the spaghetti in the fridge, changed, didn't show though I wanted to: itching all over my legs and arms from working in the dirt and stuff outside; got whatever needed to be done - done - in a quick hurry and got out of here.  Arrived at church at 2:07 to find that it was just the part to set everything up.  Oh, well okay.  It turns out taking a shower was going to be irrelevant.  I was the "operator" for the Hay Dive.  It's a small pool you fill with hay and hide balls in it.  Kids come and give you a ticket, you blindfold them and then they have to try and find a ball in the pool and then they get a prize.  But I made the older kids find all of the balls, or at least 4 of them, to "win".  It doesn't look hard, but when blindfolded? Much harder than it looks, especially since I was hiding them deep under the hay.

I, uhhh, have been around hay before, but not around a bale of it that has been broken up and getting my hands and arms into it.  The itching was far worse than anything I had experienced working out front.
But, it was fun being around little kids.  Hadn't been around that element of humanity  in quite a while.  I mean, yes, sort of near them at church, but I don't interact with them.  This was quite different.

Anyway, helped tear down, get rid of the hay and came home and yes, took a long shower.  The itching, thankfully, is completely gone but my legs?  Yikes!  I must have gotten a bit too close to the plants with thorns on them out front today, covered with scratches and even small, open wounds.  My fingers the same thing.  Lol.  Oh well.  For as much as I have done out front, there is still much to go.  Lots of trimming.

And that's my day.  Working out front and then 4-1/2 hours at church helping with the Festival.  I am burnt out.  12 hours work on Thursday and 11 hours on Friday.  Woke up this morning with an odd sense of feeling.  Like here but not really here.  It was 6:00 am, well past my wake up time, but I decided this wasn't a good way to wake up and turned over and went back to sleep for another hour.  Felt better after second wake up and decided to get up.

It must be an age thing.  The older you get, well things just change is all.  I'm not really complaining, just you notice over time small "things" that change that are related to aging.  Which really doesn't bother me as long as I can stay active and moving.

Well, I am totally bushed right now and it's time for beddy-bye lane.

Til' next time.


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