Tuesday, November 6, 2012

So, as normal on an election day, I am off to work too early to get to the voting booth before going to work.  So, I'm thinking about this all day long while grinding away for 10-1/2 hours.  I did not want to work that long.  I am getting close to the point, in overtime for any pay period, that tax rate increases and then I get less money on a paycheck after crossing that threshold.  But, I will work however many hours I have to, that's just a part of the job.

When I finally got off work and got to the polling location, and waited - and waited - and waited - for a total of 2 people to stop arguing with the personnel (they had moved, had not re-registered, it was explained to them a dozen times but they wouldn't take no for an answer) (and yes, the lady said the same thing, over and over, clearly, succinctly and to the point, yet they still "do not understand), I finally get up there and they can't find my name in their book.

???  I AM a registered voter, I a confident of that point.  I have voted at that same location for years.  The lady takes me to a map and tells me to show her where I live.  I point to the map.  Oh, well you belong over at Nevitt School, not here.  Umm, ma'am, THIS has been my voting place for almost 8 years now.  Yes, she replies, but they changed things around about 6 months ago and yes, it has inconvenienced a lot of people, I am sorry.

I get to the school.  A very large number of cars in the parking lot, gag.  But I get inside and the wait not too long - but - no booths available to use.  A guy comes up and says I can use that "music stand with the chair in front of it" to do it if I like.  I like, don't care if anyone sees how I am voting, which no-one would have anyway.  Voted against all local petitions to increase taxes, voted against another local petition to keep a tax that is going to expire as a "permanent" tax increase - bunk to that idea, I pay enough taxes.  I voted for Flake, running for Senate - and other local issues.

That's my day.  Well, part of it, anyway, lol.

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