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I figured to get off work early yesterday, I figured wrong.  I was on the clock until 4:00 pm, 2 more hours of OT, a total of almost 20 hours of OT for this pay period.  Which, of course, leaves things lacking and in need of attention around the house whenever work weeks drag on forever.

But, regardless, I went and saw the Denzel Washington movie Flight this morning.  The beginning of the movie was cool, the rest of it kinda dragged.  I hadn't been to the movie theater in at least a year, so it was cool anyway.  I wouldn't recommend going to the theaters, though, to see it if you can wait until it comes out on video.

Today's high: 64.  They are calling it unseasonably cool.  They can call it whatever they want, I am LOVING it! The windows up, birds chirping, waterfalls in ponds making their noises, lovely.....gonna get out there in a bit and do some yard work.

Tenant behind on rent.  I tend to not let it go too long, this time though I let a month pass.  He usually is ver…