Sunday, November 11, 2012

I was delivering a large amount of materials to a jobsite this week, located right next to an elementary school. K-6 grades, I believe.  School was in session.  Kids in class.  The fenced-in area for the kid's bicycles was right there, across from where we were unloading.

There were all of 4 bicycles in there. Enough racks to hold at least 100 bikes, probably a lot more. I was in awe.  When I was a kid, the bike racks - a LOT of them - were always full.  Hundreds of bicycles.

What's the issue?  We wonder why kids are getting obese at an early age?  Moms bringing them to school, lines of cars waiting to drop them off and pick them up?

Whatever.  An obese generation? No, several generations of obesity going on now, being perpetuated on our kids in unhealthy eating habits and a lack of a lifestyle that includes lots of exercise.  When I was hanging from monkey bars and riding my bike for countless hours a day, playing basketball, football and running around all over the place as a kid, I didn't think of it as exercise.  Neither did my friends.

The age of technology may have some benefits, but the negative aspects, I believe, far outweigh them. Video games and kids playing them endlessly are only one aspect.  Texting, losing the personal touch of personal interaction.  We are so lost in technology, that life is passing us by and we don't even realize it.


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