Wednesday, November 14, 2012

It's a week away from my departure to Sierra Vista, where my dad and his current wife resides. I love my dad, his wife is cool, too, but some of her family? I am having thoughts about how it is going to go if one of her sons starts his mouthing activity again.

I don't want to just sit there and listen to an arrogant, mouthy, crass individual go on and on and on all night long. Reminds me of my middle brother. I'm going to have to figure out how I am going to deal with this before it happens - but I have no doubts at all that it IS going to happen. Apparently, their whole family bows in awe whenever he speaks - or maybe they have gotten used to it.  I have found that my dad's wive's generally despise his sons and I don't doubt that attitude isn't conveyed to her family.  I think this is my dad's 6th wife now.  Do you wonder why my visits to my dad are extremely infrequent?

Nahh, not because of that. Other reasons I won't go into here.  I can deal with that dude. I am just trying to decide whether I want to deal with such an individual on the terms I would normally deal with such or give way to my dad and his wife and have a "nice" event.  I don't want to dwell on it further, I am going to visit my dad, that's it.  If I get accosted by her family as it occurred last time, well, we'll see.  I have sat idly by and given way ONLY because I did not want something to happen that would ruin the event. Yet, a mouthy person that is blasting off on everything under the sun, incessantly, without stop? I can't HANDLE that for hours on end. I don't WANT to have to handle it.  

Whatever.  I was looking for deals on turkeys - and couldn't find much.  47 cents a pound at Fresh'n'Easy if you buy $30 minimum. I have a $10 coupon with them.

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