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Strange Dreams

I have strange dreams sometimes.  When I wake up in the morning to the sound of the alarm clock, I am sometimes happy that I did, indeed, wake up and out of it.

This morning was one of those mornings.

The dream was - really strange. I don't remember the beginning of it, but I do remember that I was with my middle brother - a person of whom I have grown to greatly dislike.  We were going somewhere together, driving around here somewhere.  Suddenly, the whole scene changed and we were passing a sign that said :" You are now entering Mexico".  Out in the middle of nowhere desert, no port of entry but a small Mexican town was off in the distance.

The next thing I know, we are in a house.  It was ours, I knew from the way I was thinking, we had inherited it but from who, I don't know.  I had been there before, I could tell, my brother had not.  When we walked inside, the first thing he did was start to tear down some wall decorations and destroying them.

I started fighti…