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One of our inside salesmen is quitting.  He is moving to the East Cost with his girlfriend (they have been together for a long time now) who has been offered a lucrative nursing job where her family lives.  He has decided to move there with her and hope to find employment there.

Well, there's an opportunity, well there is if they are open to just anyone asking about it, which I now have.  The GM sent out a note to everyone: if you are interested in doing inside sales, contact us and let's talk.  The sales manager came into our branch this morning and I was asking him questions about it, but never really got into a serious discussion about possibly being looked at for the position.

I was just toying with the idea. But after thinking about it all day, I just up and replied to the GM, yes, I'm interested. It isn't the easiest job in the world to learn, but I know something around half of it anyway.  Navigating around Trilogie is one key "issue".  I have been l…