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Late start for the journey to Sierra Vista.
We paid for it, too.  2 accidents south of town out in the middle of nowhere on the Interstate.  Bumper to bumper traffic that went on for miles, when I got stuck in it I was thinking, gee, this isn't downtown Phoenix, what is going on here?  I get out the phone and dial 511.  2 separate accidents in 2 locations adding up to chaos on the Interstate.  I worked my way over to the far right lane, got off the freeway and took an alternate route.

I've been down the alternate route in the semi 50 times if not more.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that hardly any other traffic was moving down there as well - they were not giving detour routes on the news on the radio, they were simply saying 6 mile backup. Great.  The detour led us by a Subway and I was hungry so decided to stop and get a couple of sandwiches to go.  I walked up to the order line and a gentleman in front of me pulled out a stack of coupons and handed me one.  Another n…
So I wrote an email to the GM about my desire for the new position. I have to try.  Whether they think I am qualified or capable of performing the duties, I have no idea, but I am going to throw my bid for the job into the hat and see what happens.

He replies and says it's available for anyone to apply for the position.  Back and forth - I sent an email then stating a few things including trucks without air conditioning in the heat of the summer and how I would like to move to a different position in the company if at all possible.  Yeah, I spent a good deal of time in a hot truck this summer and I wasn't particularly happy about it.  My statement included a part about "since we apparently aren't doing upgrades in equipment at this point" - that truck is going on 7 years old.

Then I get the email from the inside sales manager. I send him something back, but he went on vacation, or at least he wasn't at work today, so didn't hear anything back from him.