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Actually much warmer day here than expected.  I'm sitting out back of my dad's house which sits right next to a golf course, and yes, there are a few people out golfing, have been off an on all day long. After eating a huge Turkey dinner, I couldn't sit around watching football games all afternoon long, especially since the teams playing were not my favorites, though I still ended up watching a lot of the game anyway. But - I went on an almost 6,000 step walk around a portion of the course on the golf cart path.

I dunno, but I am enjoying myself much more than I did the last time.  Just decided that the dude wasn't going to bother me and because of that decision, well, there you go.

Called mother this morning - she isn't actually having any family over.  My oldest brother won't go over there for Thanksgiving anymore, been 4 or 5 years since he's done that but my middle brother is going over there on Saturday.  I didn't bother to tell her we could come o…
Got up this morning, had a small breakfast and went for a long walk in the brisk, cool\- FRESH - air to be found down here. This area is surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges.  Everything was closed, our hotel is in the same parcel of land as a giant shopping mall.  I decided to walk the circumference of the mall.  Best Buy had no-one waiting out in front of it but Sears had to people sitting in lawn chairs that had just shown up at the same time I was walking by.  So, spend your entire Thanksgiving sitting in a lawn chair in front of a store for 12 hours.

Whatever.  I walked off the property and was looking at a fenced off area across the street.  Upon closer inspection, it is an old, abandoned goofy-golf place.  Covered with weeds, but when it was open, it must have been a fun one cause' had all kinds of weird devices and things to apparently try and hit your ball into.  The driving range also shut down and also completely covered with weeds.

My dad's wife bought Thanksgi…