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Fry's Food Stores/Shopping

I did end up going out today.
First to Home Depot.  I didn't find anything there that I was looking for so - just left.  Across the street to the AutoZone to have them plug in their computer and maybe find out why the Service Engine Soon light is on.  They determined "most likely" the cause is a bad fuel cap.  Oh.  I had,  a couple of times, a warning light come up stating that the gas cap was loose, even though it wasn't.  So, I spent the $10 and hope that will take care of the problem.  The car is running fine.

Over to Whitfill's Nursery.  Looking for the ground covering plants that the cats have destroyed to some degree - still plenty out there, but there is now a barren spot where their defecating and urinating has completely destroyed it.  They are no longer doing that there, for reasons I have no explanation for, so I am going to try replanting.

They did not have the fresh-cut Christmas trees, yet, but they did have some amazing looking live trees.  As in …
Umm, Black Friday was a bust for me.  The only thing I scored was a huge - cheap quality I am sure but around here no problem - screwdriver set from Home Depot for $9.95.  I did end up going to Sears to try and score one of those TV's, but unbeknownst to me (and apparently everyone else in line), you needed a "voucher" to get one.  No explanation of who got the vouchers or how those that had them, got them, was given.  I just walked out.  I am not going to buy "something else" in the store when they start playing games like that.  They are lucky they didn't start a riot, numerous people that were at the front of the line were told no more TV's.  The FRONT of the line!  Before a single TV was even sold?!!

Sears can go piss off.

Walmart was a jungle.  I finally found the TV's they had on sale only to find yet another line and more tickets being given out.  SCREW those freaking tickets.  Not only that, but they weren't going to even start selling t…