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4 day holiday comes to a close and back to the grind.
Tomorrow will be very busy, if I recall our truck routing system correctly when last seen on Wednesday.
Manager will be back from Chicago.
Ummmm, I'm going to bed early tonight is all I can say about that.

I dodged a bullet on Wednesday, btw.  I don't remember if I wrote about it, but it's - maybe the third time this year that I came upon a "commercial vehicle inspection station" - portable/mobile, they put them up wherever they can find space to pull over lots of trucks.  I was like, wow.  It's getting near the end of November, I made it this far without running into one and here we go.

Well it turns out they were just putting up the signs.  They hadn't finished putting them up at the intersection and quite honestly?  Who KNOWS where they were going to do the inspections.  I have no legal obligation to follow signs that - aren't there.  So, since they hadn't finished posting them? I continued…