Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I bought a salad this morning - fat free dressing of course - with an apple and sugar-free white peach tea.
That was around 8 am.  9 hours later, still grinding away but now in the yard, pulling orders and doing all that it entails to get a truck loaded including loading the truck - I ran out of energy.

"Go get something to eat then!".  I was ready to go HOME.  I had a frozen dinner in the refrigerator, heated that up, wolfed it down and went back to work.  An hour later - the truck was loaded, it was all done, only a  few things left to do in the morning. After THAT, then there's MUCH more.  I am supposed to do a couple of other deliveries and then go up into the mines up in the mountains.

Well whatever.  I just do what I can get done.  I work at a very efficient, brisk pace.  Today I slowed down after 11 straight hours of it.

Did I say it's 15 minutes til' my bedtime?

What happens when you are informed by a manager that your work is not up too part and that you need to "step it up" some in terms of productivity?
My manager wasn't too happy when I returned to the yard yesterday - which was at around 6:00 pm, btw.  I was grinding all day long, one place to the next to the next.
Apparently, we need to "find" ways to expedite the process.
All two of  us, that is, running a branch that did 4 and a half million in sales last year.  That includes shipping; receiving; pulling orders; palletizing and wrapping those orders; loading the truck and delivering those orders.  It includes all the elements one could possibly conceive that go into running a store.

All 2 of us did that.

The numbers, fortunately, are on our side.  Not just the 4 and a half million, which is an impressive number by itself.

But also some other numbers that the company uses to measure a branch's efficiency.  I don't know what numbers they use to come to such a conclusion, but an outside salesman informed us yesterday that our numbers are "kicking ass" over all the other branches.  This includes much larger branches with 4, 5 and more personnel that are doing LESS in sales than we are.  We are informed that the numbers at our branch to do not warrant a 3rd worker, yet when compared to every other branch that is within our region, well, the numbers tell a  completely different story.

That outside salesman is on our side, btw.  He SEES what we go through on a day to day basis, it's not like we have to "act" like we're busy, we ARE busy.  Another outside salesman attests to the same thing.

Yet, some higher level managers still think we are sitting around, jacking off, having women over and drinking kegs of beer while watch porn when on the clock.

Okay, a bit of an exaggeration and possibly offensive in nature, but the whole situation is beginning to piss me off.  Mouthy, heady, arrogant people walking around spouting off things coming from lips that are completely and totally clueless.

And then......................

Another story.  Apparently, I am "not going to like" having satellite installed in my truck.  I wasn't there for the conversation - on the road of course at the time - but my manager had to ask: WHY do you think he won't like it?  Do you think he's just goofing off all day long?  What is the point of satellite in a company that hasn't used it and doesn't need it?  Obvious: to monitor it's drivers.  What are we doing all day long?  Screw the satellite, if they think I'm some sort of sloucher - which I can guarantee you 100% I am not - let them install a CAMERA on the dash of the truck.

I dunno.  When a person's work is unappreciated, then what do you do next?



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