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I woke up this morning (Sunday) around 4:30am.  I didn't want to wake up that early, I just did.

I am going to have to find a way to come to terms with these long work weeks with weekends filled with activities if this is going to continue.  The problem is fatigue.  I was so tired at church this morning I could barely stay awake.

I know for a fact that tomorrow at work is a full day's worth of work.  There are 5 truckloads of pipe to be hauled plus everything else.

I felt like doing nothing today.  I got outside and watered plants and thought about putting up Christmas
lights, but quickly dismissed that idea.  Sunday - going to take it easy.

One of the elders of the church "chased" me down today when I was leaving church.  They are having a special ministry training seminar on Wednesday - teach people how to do altar ministry, he wanted to let me know that the church would like me to come to it.

I'm not opposed to it - but it's a weekday and I miss most of…