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Tit For Tat

Today, I had enough.
A certain inside salesman's BS.
He cannot do his job, to start off with.
His mistakes are daily and numerous.
They range from minor to extreme.
It's gone on so long, there is some talk
of having a "discussion" with him about it.

Whatever the case, he complained about me
to the operations manager, the general manager
and the inside sales manager.  I was at a plant
attempting to pick up material and he had - messed
up on something again.  I looked at the paperwork
and made a comment about this particular person
always messing up.

Well, it got to that plant's manager - who is married
to this inside salesman - who then complained to the
whole world about it.

I probably should not have said that about him, but -
the man needs to find a new profession, IMO and
several other people's IMO's as well.

Let's get to the history.  He called me a fu**ing idiot
a few years ago about a delivery I had made up on the
Indian Reservation because I …