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Manager not at work today.
I show up and there's lots - too much - to do.
I get started on pulling what I call a "technical" load.  That's either one that has to have some thought in how to try to get all of it onto the truck or one that has a lot of "special" material that we don't stock and is sitting in various tag and hold areas.  This one was the latter.

The material was all over the place and I had to check each piece by numbers.  It was dark, hard to see anything and time consuming.  When the inside salesman showed up - taking the manager's place - he offered no assistance whatsoever. When you have a day ahead of you that is full of deliveries with orders that have not been pulled, that is not helpful at all.

I was pulling the material and kept getting interrupted phone calls, contractors and people asking questions.  I finally got the truck loaded and headed out - on down to Coolidge.  When I got there, I found out they had no equipment to u…
Christmas party.
Pretty serious conversations for being a Christmas party, is what I can say about that.

I don't want to get the guy fired.  He - the dude I have been having issues with - came up to me, put out his hand and we started to talk.

He was very serious.  I mean, too serious, where was this going?  We got into the issues we've had, the attitudes, all of it and then he dropped the bombshell: If anything happens between us again, management has threatened to fire him. I just want the s*** to stop.  I have to talk to this guy on the phone frequently, we have to get along for as much communication that we have with each other.  Many times a day, I have to call various salesmen and inside salesmen to get information or ask questions about an order that is incomplete or whatever.

I spoke my mind, blunt and to the point.  When I call you, you have attitude all over your voice. You act like you are completely disinterested.  We went back and forth -civilly of course - and we…