Friday, December 14, 2012

I was busy with work this morning, but finally got into the truck to do a run for pickups, deliveries and get 4 new tires installed on the rear drive-axle on the tractor.  I turned on the radio and started hearing about an elementary school in Connecticut where a "man" had killed 18 children and 8 adults.  Shock.  I have been reading and watching the news on this all day long now as time permits.

Shocking.  I don't get shocked about much of anything anymore, but this? absolutely shocking.  How can anyone go into a school and just start killing kids?  I understand that this guy was out for blood in his family lines as the news has reported it, which is bad enough in itself, but why taking the lives of innocent children?  This situation must be world news by now.  I mean, in every language and every nation, the news must be reporting this everywhere.  The question is: why?  Why is all of this happening? You read about it more and more frequently where a man or men go into a college or some institution and just start mindlessly shooting people.  I just can't and won't ever understand this one.  Elementary school aged kids, shot down in school.

It was hard to concentrate on much of anything else today.  Just short of a 50 hour work week.  Paycheck today from the 2 previous weeks was quite large by my normal pay standards.  The week passed quickly, to be honest, the days just seemed to blaze by at work and when I'm off work, well, time REALLY flies by.  Weekends used to seem to "last" longer.  It's the same amount of time now as it was 25 years ago, but I have to say it seems like Friday gets here and 2 hours later I'm waking up for work on Monday.

It's an existence that I would like to do away with.  I don't mind working, but what I am doing has no eternal value to it.  I guess the line of work I am in gives you and I the ability to go to our faucets, turn them on and have water coming out and be able to go to the toilet, use it, flush it and know that it's being whisked away in giant pipes to a treatment facility, so perhaps some earthly good coming out of it, but that doesn't really cut it for me.  I have spent too much time working in the church and working on the mission field to have myself limited to just going to work 5 days a week and dreaming of the weekends to get here because the work load is so great, I don't feel like doing much of anything by the time I am done.

But, I do like getting paychecks.

Well I'm done.  It's Friday night, but I'm tired even though it's early and I have a lot to get done this weekend.



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