Saturday, December 15, 2012

Of course, here comes the gun control advocates saying we should all hand in all of our firearms because that will stop the kind of senseless shooting that occurred yesterday in an elementary school in Connecticut.

Good luck.  If there are 300 million guns in America, that means there is a large number of Americans that own guns for whatever purpose they own them. I would guess it makes up a majority, not a minority, but I haven't seen any analysis on that - yet.

There are so many arguments both pro and con gun ownership.  The shooter took his mother's 3 guns, apparently, to commit the horrific crime that occurred yesterday morning.  So, it was easy for him to obtain the guns without having to go through much of anything.  But the plain fact of the matter is, if guns are completely outlawed in the United States, no-one can own them at all, not even hunters, then who is going to have the guns besides law enforcement?  Of course, easily obtainable on the black market, just like any kind of drug you want.  Or any kind of merchandise you would like to buy.   It's an age-old argument, but there is truth to it: if guns are outlawed in America, then the only people that are going to have them are police and criminals.

You simply cannot tell me that a person that has ill-will such as the person that killed all those kids yesterday will not find SOME way to carry out his intentions. Look at the guy in China who injured 22 kids at a school.  He didn't even use a gun, he was using a knife. Are we also going to ban knives?  If you do that, then what? Ban  baseball bats?  Stones?  This person was set on carrying out his act of ill - evil - will and he had probably planned it in advance.  Planning in advance means determining how you are going to enact your crime and with what tools/weapons you are going to do it with.

There are so many studies out there, too much to read, much less comment here on.  If you want to ask me my real opinion on why so many of these horrific crimes are occurring much more frequently, I'll tell you this: a lack of spirituality in this nation; godlessness; a lack of "need" of a god; a small but frequently cited group of people that are atheists; a generation of kids being brought up to fend for themselves, to figure out morality on their own and come to their own conclusions about religion without any or much input from parents.  We're all victims and we should sit in pools of self-pity and stay that way long enough for the evil thoughts to come in, take root and expand over time to the breaking point of - what we saw occur yesterday.



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