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I continue to watch all the gun-banning craze.  And now, the craze for people to go buy the same kind of gun that was used at the murder scene since - they are now talking of banning such weapons.  Knee-jerk reactions? I doubt it, it's being used as an excuse to say see, look what happens when Americans own guns, now let's get rid of them.

Whatever the case, the pics of the tiny faces and the stories behind their lives - and the funerals - are all coming out.

On another note: Christmas is almost here.  I have bought all of 2 presents so far, but I finally found out what 3 other people want and it will be easy to get those items.  Plus my mom's, which I couldn't find in a store so I finally ended up buying online yesterday and having shipped to her house hopefully getting there by Friday - so she can see her present before our family's get together at my oldest bro's house on Saturday.

So make that 3 presents I bought, sorta slipped my mind that I had bought …