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Well, I'll call the family Christmas party a success even if short-lived.  Arrived at 1:10 pm, shook hands/hugged and then began conversing with my sister-in-law's son-in-law (strange, yes?) and we hit it off right away.  My mom shows up early and leaves early - she doesn't want to drive in the dark and I don't blame her.  But she called me off into a hallway and told me she wanted to give me my Christmas present early.  She handed me a card. Strange, I thought, she usually gets me what I ask for, which in this case is a battery operated hedge trimmer so I don't have to go around with a pair of cutters spending a lot of time trimming plants that could be knocked out in a few minutes with the trimmer.

That's what I had asked her for.  Instead, I opened up the envelope, read the note and looked at a check sitting in there.  Not a small check, either.  I was stunned. My mother giving out cash and a lot of it at Christmas?  The thought has never even crossed my min…