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More Fry's Food Stores Nonsense

I have been subjected to it several times in the past.  I was to be subjected to it no more.  It's ridiculous, IMO, for a person to stand there, realize they don't have enough money to pay for their food (or forgot their wallet/purse in the car) and then expect the customers behind that person to wait while they take their sweet old time walking out to their car, getting their money and then coming back in.

I have waited as long as 10 minutes for this phenomenon to play itself out and I decided today that it is total BS.  When the woman had walked away, I politely asked the cashier if she was going to go ahead and start checking out the next in line, which was me.  Note that they had fully 3 lanes of 15 items or less open that had very little traffic and the line I was in, full service, had a large number of people waiting with full baskets and it was the only full service lane available.  

The cashier replied no, she was going to wait.  Manager, please.  I'm sorry, are yo…