Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I decided to get in as much as I could by the end of this year at the dentist - way past overdue (by 10 years anyway) to get my mouth x-rayed and find out what might be going on in there.  The good news was nothing major.  Not even a root canal (I for whatever reason thought I would have at least one of those necessary).

I have been here for 2 hours and 15 minutes (yes, I am keeping track) and now I am waiting for another appointment that they just happened to have opened up by cancellation for some special kind of  cleaning.  I am just biting the bullet in the patience department and keeping a good attitude - though I admittedly despise waiting in offices and having spent this much time here already, well, I am starving! I haven't eaten anything today and it's already 12:30pm.  Prime rib sitting in my refrigerator at home, I can't wait to get out of here and have some french dip style sandwiches with the Au Jus I have left over as well.

Umm, so an incident with a neighborhood kid on my Facebook wall yesterday.  He decided to interject himself in a conversation I  was having on my wall 2 days ago and started mouthing off to the friend I was talking with (I have known this lady for almost 25 years now).  Well, she wasn't taking it and gave him a dose of his own medicine, which he didn't discover on my wall until last night.  At that point, I found him publishing extremely foul language in both English and Spanish going against her.  I informed him to stop, which he didn't do and I unfriended him.

He then came over to my house with another of his friends and started mouthing off about the woman again. It got worse and worse to the point I told him to leave.  He went home (after apparently dumping a soda or something on my car), got on Facebook and posted an entire new post on my wall saying extremely foul things about both her and I.  After blocking him, he then went on his brother's account and got on started again.  Blocked that  as well.

I don't get it.  I have treated that kid very nicely for as long as I have lived in that neighborhood, and what do I get in return?  He can stay away from my house as far as I'm concerned unless he gives both that lady and I a heartfelt apology (which, from gauging his attitude yesterday, isn't likely to occur anytime soon).  His friend was sitting their listening and seeing all of this and was aghast.  At least there was someone his age who thought his actions and reactions to be totally off-the-wall.  It's just unbelievable to me the way kids act nowadays.

Whatever.  Christmas was good.  Final day off and then work 2 days and then the weekend.  But, I am spending 4 hours of this day off at the dentist.  Making the best of it, glad I brought my computer with me.

Nothing much else going on beside potentially a temporary tenant for the trailer, of whom I have had  a lot of communication with before deciding to allow him to come and stay for a few months.  He may stay longer - but only if he makes a good fit around my place.

Well, hope everyone had a great holiday and some time off!



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