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Hmmm.  Well, if work stays steady and I continue to get the hours I have been, I should be able to start saving up a good emergency fund.  But who knows what's going to happen in 2013 with this fiscal cliff crap and the fact that "lawmakers" - if you can call them that - can't agree on even a stripped down version of a consensus to get something done.

But, I also do not agree that Obama should have unlimited authority to raise the debt ceiling all by himself.  That's simply preposterous.

Meanwhile, the gun control argument rages on like never before.  Well maybe not like never before, but certainly with as much intensity as it's ever had.  I have involved myself in numerous online conversations about that particular issue and I do hear some rather uneducated (in the realm of guns, that is) individuals talking about things they nothing about.  I am absolutely no expert in the field of guns, either, but I am learning.  It's just one of those things where p…