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I went to church tonight for a New Year's celebration, though admittedly it's still 3 hours before New Year's actually hits and I don't think anyone's staying there THAT long.  I was there for 2 hours.  I haven't felt so much freedom in such a long time - and yet I also freely admit there is a ways yet to go.  But it was a great service and the presence of the Lord was so very much palpable.  I am encouraged about the year 2013, not because of the things going on in this world -  what is new about that.  The world always has garbage going on all over, it is a never-ending story.
No, I am simply talking about my walk with the Lord.  I have a number of people now standing in faith with me to overcome, put behind me and move on.  This is where the Lord has been leading me in the last year and a half anyway, but now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it's growing brighter and brighter as I get beyond obstacles in my life from the past or even the …

Another Morning at the Dentist's office

I got rather irritated sitting at the dentist's office, waiting this morning. I showed up early - which I always do in case there are paperwork issues.  The appointment was at 8am, I sat in that office for 41 minutes before the dentist finally showed up, no apology and just got right down to business.

I have a habit of leaving doctor's or any other such office if I don't get seen within 30 minutes of the appointed time unless they come along and tell me they are going to be delayed. They offered me no such amenities, which is why I got irritated.  It brought back memories of other dentist's offices I have been in the far past - which is the last time I went to one - and them making you wait up to an hour without even giving an explanation, much less an apology.

Well, I was already there, I just swallowed that and then was examined by the dentist, who started reading off the problems in techno lingo to his assistant to write down on a pad.  I didn't understand any o…