Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The damage is done.
I didn't really figure that going through a 25 degree night would end up with no damage to my plants, but I was hoping that it would be minimal - for whatever reason I don't know, just hope.

So it is, actually.  We had a frost go through here 3 years ago that wasn't near as bad as what we just went through and that almost killed a large number of my plants.  In this case, yes, some serious damage, but given enough time they will come back.  Well, excepting the small ficus trees.  several of them 2 to 3 feet tall have all their leaves dying, which isn't a good sign.  The 2 large ones - well, one that had more exposure, the entire top of it is damaged and will die.  The other one has a much taller tree hanging over it and it didn't experience any damage at all, that I could see.

The front yard had some hits as well, but nothing I don't think that can't come back, eventually, come Spring and new life.

Fasting and praying.  I haven't had meat since Sunday afternoon but strangely enough, at least so far, I haven't really missed it that much.  It is noticeable, however, that you don't get the full feeling of eating vegetables and such that you do after eating pretty much any meal that includes a portion of meat in it.  I started dieting at the beginning of the year, but with this meatless diet I am now almost 7 pounds lighter.  I have read and heard that eliminating meat out of your system for a while definitely helps your body to cleanse itself and also to lose weight.  I'm eating more oatmeal than anything.

Well, enough for one day.


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