Saturday, March 9, 2013

College tenant just came and handed me $100.
That was definitely not what I expected.
I expected at least $300, considering how far behind he's gotten.
His "plan" is go give me $100 per week until caught up.

That will take a while.

I intend on keeping after him about it.

He might be able to find cheaper rent somewhere else - but - he won't get internet for free and he will have to pay a percentage of the monthly electric bill. That's what most if not all of the cheaper rent rates are doing.  It sounds like a good deal until you add up the extra expenses and then - you have a total bill that exceeds what I am charging and is usually not as large of a room.  Many of the rooms I see posted on Craigslist at cheap rates are 10x10 or 10x9, the room he is in is 11x13.

And then you see the following, as copied and pasted from various ads:
No overnight guests preferably, no drugs, confidentiality.

 Rent is $375.00 a month plus 1/4 of utilities. Utilities include electric, city water, bottled water, gas, trash, Cox tv, and Internet

Asking $550 rent plus $200 deposit and we split utilities

Just a sampling from 3 different ads.

Well whatever.  

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