Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Saturday Night Live's Mockery of Christ Backfires

In a Fox news article, there is a story of how SNL (Saturday Night Live) airs a skit called DJesus which shows "Jesus rising from the dead, pushing aside the boulder that blocked his burial tomb. With a devious smile, he utters the words, “Guess who’s back.” What follows is a vengeful killing spree against the Nazarene’s enemies, including his Roman executioners and the traitor, Judas Iscariot."

  I don't care what anyone says, this kind of mockery crosses the line.  Outrageous doesn't being to adequately describe my feelings for SNL, which I stopped watching long because of their appetite to mock Christianity yet let all other religions, for some strange reason, have a complete and total pass.  

This week and next chance I get, I am going to go buy something at Sears and I am going to tell them I specifically came in to support their company for the stand they are making against the show by pulling their advertising dollars.  Allegedly, JC Penny is also following suit and pulling it's advertising dollars for the show.  

I think it fitting that anyone that claims to be a Christian and is able to do so, goes to one of their stores and tells them why they are there: to support them and thank them for taking a stand!


  1. I can't stand SNL. I watched it as a teen but not for long because even back then, I noticed their Christain hatred. We must all shop wisely, support carefully and be very discerning.

  2. I watched that show in my teens as well, that was long ago. I don't remember them mocking Christianity back then, but I wasn't a Christian at the time so I may have not noticed or cared. It's a show that I have lived without for a long, long time now and certainly it wouldn't hurt me if it disappeared altogether.


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