Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Some of the things people do in traffic...............just maddening.

But I am not going to go into that.  Instead, since I have posted that ad for the room, I have had a large number of inquiries concerning it.   I have had numerous phone conversations, but in the end, it's whoever shows up and seems like a good fit is the person that is going to get it.

So, on my way home from work yesterday, I get a call from one of those individuals informing me he was at the house and can I get someone out there to let him in?  Yes, of course.  I was expecting him and had informed Mark that someone might be coming.

By the time I got home, they were in the bedroom, looking it over.  Quite the mess, actually.  But not the end of the world, either.  The disconcerting thing is the melted wax on the floor.  I wondered how close this house might have come to burning down with a person burning candles that is paying so little attention to them, large quantities of wax are oozing onto the floor?  This is the kind of risk a person takes, I guess, in renting out rooms.  I can't deal with things I don't know about.

Well, anyway, his brother and this guy had come, his brother already has a place, they were just doing this looking around thing together.  Apparently they had been to numerous houses/apartments, looking for a place but much of it was a "frat house" type of atmosphere, a living situation this guy didn't want any part of.  In other words, places filled with college aged students.  After listening to this guy talking for quite a while, I came to the determination - as much as one can make in such a short space of time - that this guy would probably work out in moving in here.  There are never any guarantees and sometimes people have quirks and/or things that they do that cause great annoyance for others.

But, we shook on it and so the race begins.  The room is - was - a mess.  I started right in on cleaning the carpet.  This guy needs the room - immediately actually - he is living with his brother but it became obvious that that was only intended to be a short-lived situation.  I got the carpet looking pretty good - excepting the wax. How does one remove wax?  The only way I could think of is with heat, but I couldn't fathom how you could use heat to extract it from the carpet.

An online search, of course, got the answer:  a piece of newspaper set on top of the wax and an iron put on low heat and let it sit there.  According to the site, the newspaper will absorb the wax.

Well I haven't gotten to that yet, it was as much as I could get done to go over that carpet numerous times with the machine in trying to get it to looking as good as possible.

Well, Mark was going to do the rest, but he has his job today so that isn't going to work out, either, when I get home from work I will continue on the cleanup and try to get it done or mostly done by the end of today.

As for now?

Time to go to work.



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