Friday, April 26, 2013

Heron Back In Full Force

I was pretty sure it was a Heron that had left a half a dead fish body laying on the ground, but now it's completely and totally confirmed.

In fact, the news isn't good at all.

Mark came up to me a few minutes ago and said he was outside, smoking a cigarette and saw a "giant bird" chasing after a smaller one, forcing the smaller one out of the tree.  The tree is a pine tree - 60 or 70 feet tall I guess.  This is what's happening to my Koi and goldfish.  It is NOT going to continue. This is guaranteed. I am not going to lose 2 entire ponds full of Koi and goldfish to some bird that thinks my ponds are the local Burger King or Jack In The Box.  SCREW THAT.

My first plan of attack will be to put netting or thick screen over the entire exposed pond.  It's going to be a pain, to say the least, to deal with this but deal with it I must.  I would actually love to be able to put a camera on those ponds and record whatever's happening for a couple of days and look over the recording to find out what time the bird is there.  This is important, because Herons have a routine.  They go to the same ponds, every day.  They add to that routine whenever they find a new pond or whatever body of water that has available fish in it.

Whatever the case, if I can get the above ground pond covered with netting and the in-ground pond that already has poles cemented in the ground also surrounded, this should stop the problem temporarily until I can figure something else out.  I cannot believe that freaking thing has decided to take a home in a tree that is partially over my property.  If it were on my property, I would scale that tree and deal with that thing once and for all. I was reading that there is probably a nest up there as well, something I would discard of immediately.

I'm gonna have to get off of that subject.  It's getting late - after 10 - I went to church and the prayer meeting and yes, it went on for a while.  It was great, though. The pall that was over the church on Sunday was gone tonight.  The word I sent to the pastor at the behest of a strong willed lady in the church who declared I should give the word IN the service and what kind of impact it would have instead of writing it out.

Freaking herons. Go to a public pond and eat all the stocked fish you want.

Oh, well she told me that tonight as well. Not in a haughty way or anything like that, just an exhortation.

If I get something clear at the next service, I am going to deliver it.  Whatever happens, I will get up, go the front, grab the microphone and speak it out.  I need to get my feet wet again.  I just don't want to say something that isn't from the Lord.

Time for bed.


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