Saturday, April 13, 2013

It doesn't take much to make me happy, I guess, cause' that Queensland Bottle Tree is finally taking off!  It's putting out leaves like crazy!  I am helping it along with frequent waterings and fertilizer.  It likes it, lol.  It's fun to watch an "exotic" tree - certainly not native to this area and I've only seen one growing in a back yard (which is where I found out about them to begin with) - growing and liking this kind of desert environment.

But, I'm going to have to transplant it.  I picked a bad spot to put it.  I realized that after remembering how huge the trunks get.

The RV trailer is gone.  It is amazing how nice it looks out there without that big ole' thing blocking the view of everything.  I'm considering taking the money from the sale and paying off my car.  I owe about as much as I got from the trailer on it and I would like to be done with the payments on it.  The free'd up monthly payment would be very nice to have indeed.

I considered getting an above-ground swimming pool - but I decided against it.  The summers here heat up the water in those kinds of pools  to the point it becomes unusable.  You have to drain the water out and refill - which is pretty costly when talking thousands of gallons of water and having to do that semi-frequently.   An in-ground pool would be wonderful if I had an extra 15 grand or more laying around, lol.

350 man strikes again.  My newest tenant was coming home from Circle K (convenience store a block away).  He said he was listening to music and walking by 350 man's house when 350 man came rushing out his door, in the front yard and started glaring at him.  Tenant was taken aback.  He wasn't even looking at 350 man's house, much less starting any trouble.

I ended up telling him the entire story of the situation between us and also with my next-door neighbor.  He wasn't afraid or intimidated, in fact, he said if he "was like I used to be" they would have brawled already. I won't tolerate 350 man attempting to intimidate my tenants.  I will go straight back to court and get another restraining order if that s*** keeps happening.

Anyway, weekend here.  Taking Friday off - only because if I don't, I won't accrue any more vacation hours starting next month, I will be over my 140. Don't use them, don't accrue them.  I'll take the time off, thank you very much.

Ummm, gotta get movin'.  Stuff to do around the house.



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