Saturday, May 25, 2013

Francis And Sons Car Wash Company - Steer Clear!!

There is nothing like posting a review of a company on a blog that any Google search will find, so here it is:

"I'll just be blunt here: Francis & Sons car wash near Arizona Avenue and Ray road totally sucks.  I took a company vehicle in there to get it washed and get the interior cleaned, they wanted $30 for it.  Okay.  I specifically asked if they were going to clean the inside of the vehicle to which the supervisor said yes.  While waiting for them to get done with it, I asked them about getting the interior of my car detailed - $119 for full service interior detail, but they gave it to me for $100 pre-pay (I would not be bringing it back until the next day).  Well, when I went to get the company pickup after they said it was done, the markings they put on the windows were still on it.  I looked inside the truck and they had done NOTHING to it.  I asked the guy that was "cleaning" it and he said that would have to be an interior detail.  No, I said, they told me it was going to be cleaned at least.  He just shrugged his shoulders and walked off.

The next day, I bring my car in to leave there for the day while I am at work.  They sell me the exterior detail package for half the posted price.  Call me a sucker, but the exterior was in needing of a good buffing and wax job as well.  Just paid the car off and wanted to get it looking nice again.  I come back some 8 hours later, they pull the car up and I started looking at it.  The road tar was still all over the bottom of the bottom portions of the car on both sides of it. There were places on the paint where you could see they missed the wax or "sealant" as they called it.  I brought this to the guy's attention who started to try and clean the tar off.

At this point, I am starting to get pissed.  What kind of place charges $175 for a total interior and exterior detail and doesn't even get the freaking tar off the paint?!!  I mean, in terms of complete details, it's a good price compared with most other places, but if it doesn't look any or much different than when you took it in there, it isn't worthy ANYTHING.  These people could have cared less.  A crew of employees that are about as interested in making the customer happy as a detonated nuclear bomb is about keeping people alive.  The attitudes were outrageous.  I called for a manager.  I showed him spot after spot after spot of tar and asked him what, exactly, they had done to my vehicle - besides giving it a run through the car wash.  I point to a huge tar spot and he attempts to claim it was "scratches in the paint".  BULLSHIT!!! was my unreserved reply (sorry for the French, but this place utterly pissed me off and I at least will have my say on a forum such s this one and hope that others are spared the grief of spending money at a place that does NOT deserve to be in business). I'm sorry sir, let me take the car and we will buff it  out "again".  Yeah, right dude, as if you buffed it out the first time.

I waited another hour.  I sat down inside and an elderly couple came in and sat down next to me, we got into a conversation about this place.  The lady stated that the level of customer service and quality had gone down considerably over time. Yeah, I don't know how they did in the past, I can tell you that right now, this place has serious issues.

Well, this guy comes back in and I go out to inspect the car. The "scratches" that that idiot had pointed out before were gone.  Gee, didn't know you could buff out such huge scratches - cause' they weren't scratches at all!  There was STILL an area on the hood where it was clearly obvious they had not applied the sealant.  I gave up.  Live and learn.  The place is a rotten, the employees could care less, they are going to charge you for services that they do not perform.  The only reason I got anything done is because I got mad and got right in that "manager's" face.  All the tar was removed on the second time around, but..............

I just left.  After inspecting the interior of my vehicle - they did a great job on the carpet cleaning, they did an okay job on the leather seats but they reeked on everything else.  Spots where they had missed applying Armor All.  Places where dirt had not been removed.  Remember, I paid $100 for this interior service of theirs.  This was a treat for my car that will only happen once in a while, the rest of the time I take it to self serve car washes and use the vacuums there.

As another review stated, this place does not deserve one star.  In fact, they do not deserve to be in business at all.  I will never, ever go to a Francis & Son's car wash ANYWHERE ever again.  I will take my chances else where or better yet, I'll just go buy my own buffer and all the rest of it and do it myself."

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