Saturday, May 25, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

So, let's not forget the reason why we have this paid holiday off on Monday: to remember our fallen war heroes that served our nation's military so that the American public can enjoy the great freedoms that we have today.  My gratitude and thanks to every one of those individuals, to those who fought and survived and are still with us and to those who are in active military status, regardless of where you are or what you are doing.

Without them, this nation could well be an annexation of Germany or the great state of Japan.  Of course there were many other wars and one that is still on-going, but those 2 were the biggest game-changers in American history, sans the Civil War.  Hats off to all of our military personnel, everywhere, whether in the grave or still with us and to those families that have had to endure such great hardship in the face of a loved one that will never come home or for those that are out somewhere in this world.  Your sacrifices will never be forgotten.


Just wanted to get that out  there.  I can't even imagine what this world would be like right now if Hitler had managed to pull it all off or if Japan would have won.

As for this weekend, I have absolutely no plans, whatsoever. I have spent all the money that I intended to spend with that loan and now am down to around what I figured I would have left over after doing all of that.  Money well spent, as far as I'm concerned and at least enough of a cushion to deal with come-what-may - hopefully nothing will come what may but who knows.

Well, when I say no plans I suppose that's not entirely true.  I just have no grand plans.  I am probably taking my son out to see Star Trek today, that if he doesn't get involved with something else.  I am definitely going to Home Depot to buy either Ornamec or Grass B Gone - 2 products that allegedly kill grass without killing everything else around it.  I am really tired of pulling grass and just having it grow back. Or even watering the areas until they are muddy and digging well down, getting roots and STILL have that stuff grow back.  This is one more trick in the arsenal to try. The other trick I am already actively pursuing, but it will be a long time before those ground covering plants will take over all the area that needs it covered. Those plants grow so dense that grass cannot grow up through it.

I am guessing some war movies on some channel on TV, might watch one or two of those.  Hopefully some of the classics will be showing.


Trip to Home Depot completed and initial application of grass killer executed.  Applied around plants that if killed, are not mature plants and be replaced without great loss.  So, come what may, we'll see what happens.  If it kills the grass and it's roots, mission accomplished.  If it doesn't kill the shrubs and flowering plants as the bottle directions say it won't, mission success.

My Queensland Bottle Tree has taken a new twist.  Instead of a straight up trunk, it has now sent out multiple stems in angled-up direction with multiple leaves on each stem.  I am watering it every day in hopes to see some increased growth this summer growing season.

That's it.  I have accomplished some, but not that much today but then again, I didn't set out to much of anything today.  I'm only 5 work days away from a full week off from work. Well, make that 9 full days counting 2 weekends.  : )

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