Saturday, May 25, 2013

Programmable Thermostat

Can I just say before delving into this subject, that it really sucks losing your keen eyesight to age and being forced to wear reading glasses to read any form of fine print?  I thought so.

Cause' the instructions that came with this thermostat?  About 6 point print. I couldn't read a word of it.  All a blur to me.  A year ago I could read that, now it's just a done deal.  I know, it's a part of growing older, who cares, that doesn't mean I have to like it.

Well it turns out the instruction book that I have is in Spanish. I know some Spanish, yes, but there is no way I am going to attempt to figure out something like this in a language that I don't know that well.  Fortunately for me, there are 2 pages in English easily found online from the company that manufactures it.

However, the instruction manual? Ridiculous.  Horrendous.  I don't know where they get these people from that write up these manuals.  Outer Space would be giving them too much.  Aliens from another planet would be complementing them.  Sludge from the bottom of the ocean would be giving them more credit and intelligence allowance than due.

I read, then re-read, then tried it, then sat down and re-read, until I finally just got on the thermostat panel and experimented until I got it.  Screw the manual.  The thing is set up into 4 time zones during the day: morning, day, evening and night.  I did not set them all the same.  I want it cool at night, I don't care in the morning or daytime during the work week and in the evening a mix between the night setting and the rest of them.  So, 78, 77 and 76 are my temp ranges and yes, this will save me money during the summer months.


The people the next street over are back at it again.  Playing music so loud, you'd think I had a stereo set up in my back yard.  This time, however, I was not going to let it go.  I called the non-emergency number of the Phoenix Police department and - well anyway. I asked to speak to the sargeant in my district - whoever that is - and apparently several of them so who knows which one you are going to speak to - and got a very unbelievably rude person that continued to interrupt me several times over - and no, I did NOT interrupt her.

After enough of it, I just asked for her supervisor - yet another contentious person who was also prone to interrupting and asking why I called even though I had told her several times over - and then got the head of that department's name.  This situation is not going to continue on without some kind of input to the person that is over all of this.

Anyway, a sergeant did eventually call me and at the same time the sergeant called me, Phoenix Police showed up.  I pointed to the next street over and asked them to go over there where the source of the noise is coming from.  While on the phone with the sergeant about the last time I called - several times over an 8 or 9 hour period starting on the evening of May 4th going on until well into daylight of May 5th - I asked him why, exactly, the police didn't do more than simply ask them to turn it down after the second or third visit there?

This went on and on, but I will say that while I was on the phone, the music was either turned completely off or turned down so low that I couldn't hear it, thanks to them going over there.  We ended this call - I was being polite to the man and respectful, I mean, one of their own was just killed the other day in a hit and run situation - which doesn't mean I wouldn't be polite and respectful anyway, I understand they have a stressful job - with him promising to call me back tomorrow afternoon and if they turn the music back up after the police leave, to make sure and call again.

Of course.  If I can't sleep because of someone else's noise, I'm going to call. We don't have a HOA here - there ARE advantages to having them and this kind of situation would be one of them - so the only recourse, legally anyway, is to call the police.


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