Friday, May 10, 2013

Sitting at Discount Tire, waiting eternally for them to simply balance all 4 tires.  Worth the wait I guess since it's free, but I am guessing they are going to come back and tell me that the used tire I bought several months ago is going to need replaced.  I wish they would at least GET that far with this, I have been here for an hour now.

I was thinking of going up to the mountains today, but it's already 4:15 pm and I haven't even started anything about packing to go, much less the fact I haven't gotten home from work yet.

Finally getting the shifting on the new semi.  Extremely fast.  Just too fast, it really shouldn't have to shift that fast between gears.  If I don't, though: clunk.  Not good for a tranny.  The thing winds up so fast you'd think I was driving a car, not a tractor trailer rig.  I dunno, guess it's new technology or something, certainly isn't acting like ANY other semi tranny I have ever shifted and I can tell you, I have driven a lot of semi's over the last almost 30 years now.

Driving at 65mph on I-10 is also irritating.  That's what the governor is set at and that's what i was stuck at on that highway today while everyone else was zooming past me.  We are going to deal with that soon enough.  I will keep whining about it until a tech is sent out to change it.  Besides the fact of going slow, it's taking forever to get from point A to point B.  The extra time driving today cost me a delivery this afternoon - they had already gone home by the time I was ready to go over there.

Well whatever.  The weekend is here and I dunno.  I will decide when I ever get out of this place whether I am going to drive up there today or not, but probably not since it's getting so late.  i don't want to be showing up there at 9 o'clock at night or something.  I may go up tomorrow morning since mother obviously doesn't want to spend Mother's Day alone.

I am wondering when George is intending to have his girlfriend move in.  Mark informed me the George told him he was having a phone line installed to his room for work.  He is, apparently, required to have a dedicated line for working at home, which is what he has been doing for a while now, but they want to make it official.  I want to charge the guy more rent.  I don't care if he's operating a business out of his bedroom, for all intents and purposes, but at the same time, it's using more electricity and he should have to pay extra.  If I bring it up to him, though, I am sure he's going to have a conniption.  Which has never stopped me before, lol.  We'll see.  Oh, apparently his work pays for the phone line.

The dude living in the mini van in front of the next door neighbor's house must be getting pretty miserable out there by now.  It's getting warm, very warm, not "hot" yet, but it will be there soon enough.  I don't get it, though.  What is this guy doing? Why isn't he looking for a job or going to school or SOMETHING? He is ALWAYS out there.  It's just weird, I guess.

Well enough of this, I need to put this computer away and get up and find out what's taking so long.


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