Saturday, May 18, 2013

Woke up at 5 am this morning.  Fell right back asleep.  Woke back up at 6.  Fell back asleep and then didn't wake up until 8am!!  That's like sleeping half the day away for me!  lol  I was so tired by the time I got off work yesterday that there wasn't much energy to do much of anything.  But, uhhh, my appetite is mostly back and I think I am going to go out to have a bite - well make that a lot of bites - to eat something that tastes really good, probably chock full of fat and calories and have fun doing it : )

Wrote the partial entry below yesterday, thought I had posted it!
Got up this morning - finally started being able to eat again yesterday late afternoon, btw, which helps energy levels immensely - thought about the reason I had taken out the loan, sat down at the computer and proceeded to pay the car off.  I had been mulling the idea as to whether to do it or not - but I decided that much less in payments per month?  Good thing.

I then paid a credit card off that had been closed for a while now.  That company simply went out of business and closed everyone's accounts.  I had it down to $150 anyway, wanted that payment gone as well.  The rest of my credit cards will stay as they are, not paying them all as part of the point of the loan was to have extra cash around for emergency use.  I get a bit nervous if, during the summer, I don't have at least enough extra funds to fix an expensive central AC problem.  I actually did have enough extra funds to cover such an expense - but then there would be absolutely nothing if something like that happened.

Yesterday I paid the mortgage up to current.  I get so sick of Midland Mortgage and the way they treat their customers on the phone.  If you are delinquent on your payment, they go through a spiel that goes on for 20 minutes.  They stop short of asking your blood type, but you get the picture.  They ask you a relentless barge-full of questions that are the same questions, every single month.  Today I stopped the lady short: If I am paying my mortgage up to current, then it is no longer delinquent and I should have to be subjected to this ridiculous tirade of information that your company has informed me about 15 times over.  Blah blah blah.

I would like to speak to your manager, please.  Sure, hang on a minute.  She comes back a few minutes later saying a manager is not available as they are currently "tied up" but she can take my payment.  I refused, saying: No, I am not going to sit here and listen to this annoying speech, I shouldn't have to and when I speak to managers, they don't do all of that nonsense.  She took my payments and that was that, lol.

Just because I am feeling better doesn't mean I am at 100% and so, when I was still out at 3pm in the truck today, going from one place to the next to the next, I was starting to get very tired and I was also, concordantly (I don't CARE if spell checker says that isn't a word, go look it up!), getting extremely irritable.  10 hours?  No thanks.  I don't care about overtime when I am not feeling good, I don't care if I don't get ANY the entire week.  I got back to the shop and I got OUT of there.  Came home and sat down in my chair, just a very rotten week as far as I'm concerned and will be easily forgotten.  Well, excepting paying off the car, a credit card and getting the mortgage paid up, lol.

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