Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cox Cable

So, this subcontractor from Cox Cable (remember what happened with a subcontractor with that company last week!) shows up and tells me he is going to start with the box out front and then work his way back.  He is at the wrong box.  I pointed at the other one on the other side of my property and said that's the one over there.  "I'll find it myself, thanks".  Attitude.

I just decided to go back inside the house and let him figure it out on his own.  He comes in the house eventually and asks where a cable outlet is.  Right there, I replied.  No, sir, this is a phone outlet.  Yup, I said, that's where my current internet line is, I want that one yanked out from the bottom and then feed a new one up through there, I don't need the phone line anymore and don't want it.

I had to inform this guy fully 4 times, saying the same thing over and over about where the interface was installed and how I want a line under the house.  It became clear that he did not want to climb under the house.  I said fine, I will just call Cox and they will send out someone that will. NO, I'm HERE, and went storming out of the house.  I thought, this isn't going to turn out well, is it? to myself.  About 10 minutes later, I hear this crashing noise inside of Mark's bedroom.  I mean, really loud.

Mark comes out and says the guy had pulled the cable for his Direct TV box through the hole, cause the box to crash off the TV and everything that was up there to fall onto the floor.  WHAT, I wondered, was this guy doing?  Why is he pulling out a cable for the satellite?  The guy came back in a while later and I kept my mouth shut. I want the cable installed, just get it done and if there is damage I will contact Cox. But this guy's tudes wouldn't quit.

Then, he went back out and disconnected George's Cox line.  He couldn't get any work done until this guy rehooked it, though the tech never stated he was going to disconnect the other line.  Whatever.  I go outside and start watering plants, ignoring this man and just trying to keep my cool.  I am standing on the side of my house and suddenly hear this loud crashing noise, like something had been smashed into the side of my house.  I didn't even go over there, I figured whatever was going on, it was with this tech with the tude and let's just get this over with.

Well, the tech comes walking around the corner with Mark following behind him.  Mark bluntly states that guy has an attitude problem and then informed me that this tech had taken the hatch that covers the access to get under my house and smashed it up against the side of house.  That's all I needed to hear at that point.  I got up and walked over to see if any damage was done while this guy is stating that the thing had fallen on his head. Well why didn't you just remove the damned thing?  You can't.   It weights maybe 20 pounds at the most, I picked it up with one hand and put it on the ground, but it was too late.  We got into it.  No freaking tech from some cable company is going to come onto my property with an attitude simply because he doesn't want to do the work - climbing under the house - and then start destroying my property.

The ensuing altercation became so heated that I told him to get off of my property.  Get your stuff, get off of my property, right now.  This tech went into a string of colorful adjectives including calling my house some choice words - which is when I informed the man that if he doesn't get OFF of my property NOW, I am going to call Cox cable.  Which I was going to do anyway, but I was going to get my cellphone out and let them hear what this guy was doing.  Instead, he became even more agitated which is when I just informed him if he didn't leave, I was calling the police.

I followed this guy all the way off the property, giving him some choice words of my own after enduring his outbursts.

I then called Cox and got a hold of management and told them the entire story of what had just happened.

I don't have time to go into the rest of it, but hopefully needless to say, they weren't happy about what they were hearing.  Another appointment for a Cox employee to come out and finish the job is for later on this afternoon.  I don't EVER want a Cox subcontractor to step a foot on my property again.  I have half a mind to cancel the appointment and let them come out here and just take their router -which the "tech" left behind and just stick with Century Link, even though that service totally sucks and the highest speed rate I am now getting is somewhere around 5.5 mbps.

Time to be off to work.



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