Wednesday, July 31, 2013

It finally came to a head last night.
I am referring to George's surround sound.
I was sitting out here attempting to watch a show on TV.
I don't watch much TV, when I do have it on, it's usually something that interests me.
George was watching a movie in his bedroom with that thing on.
He had it turned up so loud, I had to turn the volume up on my TV to
it's highest level just to be able to hear the show.
Mark came out of his room and was disgusted - he said even with headphones
on he couldn't even hear his TV.
That was it.  I went to his bedroom with the intention of politely asking him to turn
it down, substantially.
I knocked on his door.  No answer.  Second time, louder.  No answer.
3rd time I was banging on his door and he still couldn't hear it because of the volume
level of that surround sound.
THAT'S how loud it was.
I gave up, came back into the kitchen, wrote up a notice and figured to give it to him tomorrow since it
was my bed time.

I went into my bedroom, shut the door and unbelievably, could hear that freaking TV of his in MY bedroom. We are at least 50 feet apart, plus 2 closed doors.  That was enough.  I went and about beat the door down to get his attention.  I was mad, too, he finally opened the door and I said something I will have to repent of now.  "Turn that F****** thing down!".  I just walked away from him after that, I didn't want to turn a bad situation worse, though I did leave the notice.

I have no idea how this is going to play out, but I refuse to be subjected to those noise levels ever again from his surround sound system. Whether he decides to stay or leave because of it is up to him.  I have tried to give him hints and have even said something about it in the past, but it doesn't get through to him.  Well, last night was definitive, the point was succinctly made and so now we see where it goes.

Work is still slow.  TOO slow.  Like BORING slow.  Today, however, I expect to see about finding a hotel room in the San Diego area - there is a huge grouping of them not far from the dock where the sport fishing place is.  I will NOT do that Motel 6 again, not after last time and the noise levels that were in that place that kept me awake all night long.  I will find something else, probably more expensive but so beit.

Oops, time to be off to work!




Anonymous said...

Not good at all, Ben .. noise like that makes everyone cranky (I know it does for me) and people are entitled to a bit of peace and quiet in their own home.


Lynne F
Western Australia

BenB said...

Yes, I completely agree. He is now "hiding" in his bedroom, not talking to anyone and avoiding all of us. Yet it is he who was causing the grief around here with that TV and not once ever asking anyone, in turning that thing up that loud, whether it was bothering us or not.

I have an absolutely horrible headache. But I'll get to that in  a moment. After discussing today with "people in the know", ...