Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Temps starting to come back down. Today's high will be 112 and then after today down below 110.  This is good news cause' those really hot days just wear on my AC, it basically runs all afternoon long and into the evening to keep it cool in here.

I am planning on heading up north this weekend.  Still getting warm during the day up there, but going down into the 60's at night, which is perfect.  I want to install that fence I have been thinking about doing for some time.

I am finding that I need not go up there "all the time".  Just when the feeling hits.  But my visits up there are throughout the year, my mom goes up for 3 weeks at a time during the summer and then comes back down for a week, but she will not venture up there during the winter.

I am not sure how much of the fencing project I will get done - it really needs to rain nicely up there so the ground will be a bit easier to drive those stakes in - but I am going to give it a good try, lol.

Well, off to the mountains today in the semi.  A nice little trip up to one of the mines to pick up a giant fusion machine and it's generator.  Our company rents them and when the customer is finished, they like us to get them back quickly.  Fix/repair any damage and have them ready for the next rental. They are quite expensive to rent.  However, to buy one?  A new one lists at just under 500k, which doesn't include the generator to power it.

Anyway, off to work.


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