Wednesday, August 7, 2013

It rained yesterday and it was absolutely wonderful.
I got wet a couple of times - on purpose - and just took in the rather cool breeze/air considering the time of year it is in Phoenix.
My sister-in-law is definitely going with us at this point to San Diego - she made the same non-refundable reservations that I did and that pretty much seals the fate of both of us going and hopefully having a good time.
She definitely does not want to go out on the boat, citing the reason of it being out so long and her probably getting seasick.
Yes, I know that feeling.  I have done the pills and the patches to no avail, the only thing that works for me is alcohol.  I know, it's terrible, lol.  But I don't have to get drunk to get rid of the seasick feeling, just enough to make me feel "good" and get back to fishing.
I still have a patch left, I will use one again just to say that I at least tried something - those patches aren't exactly cheap and for them not to work?  Sucked.

Hump Day.  The work week will be over with soon enough and then I can get busy with getting ready for the trip.  I did buy a couple of new t-shirts yesterday - haven't bought any in quite a while and I usually like to have a couple of new shirts for just such trips.  My Virgin Healthmiles money came into my bank account overnight via direct deposit.  This was some of the money needed to be able to go on this trip.  I have the trip mostly paid for excepting they only took 50% deposit for the boat trip, that money will pay for the rest and also the bait/tackle fees, which is what I was counting on it for.

For whatever reason, the high is only slated to get up to 102 today.  The high in San Diego, however, will be 70, lol.

With that, time to be off to work.



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