Saturday, October 12, 2013

I finally started weight training again this week.
The temps have come down enough that there are no more excuses.
What happens when you let a lot of time pass and then start over again?
You can't lift near as much as you used to!
No wonder my chest was getting flabby!
Give it a few months, that should begin to reverse itself.

Actually, you begin to see results relatively quickly, but anything noticeable takes more time than that.

The misses has worse sleeping issues than I do, which is amazing in itself.
She is also a light sleeper, but apparently doesn't embrace the idea of white noise, such as having a fan running or using ear plugs.  Well I am going to start talking her into it.

Anyway, I am going to pay tomorrow for the workout today, I can already tell that!  My chest and arm muscles will probably be sore!

As for today: I really do NOT want to spend 2 more hours walking around handing out flyers today, but the time to leave to go do it is fast approaching and I will have to make up my mind within the next half hour.  Arrrrgh.  Not that there's anything worthy staying home for.......




  1. "Well I am going to start talking her into it. "

    Alarm bells!! She is not a child and has had decades to decide on her own whether this is something that is comfortable for HER.

    You can explain how they are helpful to you, and SUGGEST that she try it once or twice, but any more than that may morph into nagging or worse.

    Or she may decide to try to talk YOU out of using it[fan not earplugs] because it is needless and disturbing to others.,

  2. It was a joke. I don't try to talk much of anyone into anything. Certainly not in a relationship. I've been in a relationship before, remember, 16 years worth. I understand at least fairly well how this works!


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